I can tailor services to your needs but these are some of the situations where I will be able to help:

You have started a new business

I can help you to decide between a manual or Computer system and then help you to set up a system that will be simple and user friendly.

If a computer based system is required I will advise on the best option for you: Excel Spreadsheets or Sage. We can discuss what your issues are or are likely to be and set up a bookkeeping system that will work for you and comply with all of the requirements of your Accountant and the Inland Revenue, including VAT and PAYE. I will also explain the terminology that you will need to know.

You are buying/have bought Sage Instant Accounts or Line 50 Software

A pile of files and a laptopI can help you with the initial installation and show you the best way to use it for your business - how to input data, reconcile the Bank etc.. I will ‘hold your hand’ if you need to transfer data from your old system to your new one.

If you are already using Sage but need help getting the information out in a useable form, or have a multitude of small errors that you are not sure how to deal with, I will be able to provide advice and guidance.

You have taken on new staff

Taking on new staff is a big decision; you must be busy to need the extra staff but if you are busy you haven’t time to train them. I have lots of experience and after an initial meeting should be able to help you train inexperienced new staff.

Your business is growing and your system can’t cope

Lady in despair with piles of files on deskI can look at your business and where it is going, investigate the options available and help you to decide what will be best for you. I can look at your current system, which may only need refining, or you may decide that you need a completely new system. If you need a new system I can help with the changeover, draw up a plan and give reasonable timescales for implementation.

Your Accountant is asking questions

Lady surprised at reading documentI can explain the terminology and help you to refine your book-keeping system to enable you to answer his questions, or even better show you how to avoid having to answer the same questions again next year. My aim is to help you to help your accountant to help you.

You need regular reports for the bank

Banker with suit, bowler hat and umbrellaManagement Accounts, Cashflows, Budgets, Factoring, Invoice Discounting - I can help with all of these, explaining how they are compiled and how to compile them yourself or how they work and how to implement them into your current system.

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